October: Autumn and boardwalks

A view through the woodland

Autumn is upon us and it will come as no surprise that the clean-up from the last winter’s storms continues. 

With some low water levels recently we've been able to clear some of the trees from the river. By removing those spanning right across it we reduce the risk of more debris being caught in them and a 'dam' being created, pushing the water up and into the banks rather than flowing downstream.

The report from the Geophysical engineers, who are looking into how we can safely reopen the paths currently closed, is due soon. However, in the meantime please continue to follow the diversion through Morralee Woods.

And this isn't some backroad diversion, autumn is a fantatsic time to head to Morralee Woods as the trees are losing their leaves.

Panic not, this is a good thing. They will soon be sporting fantastic splashes of oranges and reds. As part of that process the chlorophyll used to produce the sugars the tree needs to grow starts to break down and the leaves lose their green colour. 

And finally, with the help of funding from Banrock Station (thank you!) we've been able to boardwalk a section of path through Staward Gorge. 

This will stop further erosion of the original path and prevent damage to the river bank below. Super important because we know this stretch of the river is used by otters. 

Take the new path to Staward Gorge and look out for otters!
A boardwalk
Take the new path to Staward Gorge and look out for otters!

The boardwalk is made from 100% recycled plastic and its non-rot properties make it a sustainable low maintenance alternative to wood, ideal for this bit of path. The boardwalk is on the main route to Staward Pele from Plankey Mill so why not go and see it for yourself, keeping an eye out for otters below while you're crossing it! 

Plus, the path up to Staward Pele gives great views of the gorge and is the perfect spot to enjoy the colourful display of the season. If you'd like to share any of your pictures with us, please do on social media.