Allen Banks blog

Even with the recent closure after the storm damage, there's still lots to do in Allen Banks. Ranger Chris Johnson keeps us up to date.

A view through the woodland

October: Autumn and boardwalks

From building a boardwalk with the help of some funding, to preventing dams in the river, there's never a dull moment. Plus, although some paths remain closed, an autumnal walk into Morralee Woods is never disappointing.

A group helping to pull out weeds

September: A spot of gardening and a working holiday

There's been an awful lot of weeding going on... on a grand scale. Plus we welcomed a Working Holiday which allowed us to go back to basics with some bush craft activities.

A group of volunteers repairing a fence

August: Willow and wildlife

Finally we're open, or some parts are. There are diversions in place for your safety. There's also more red squirrels and getting our hands dirty.

A red squirrel among some ferns and leaves.

May: In the summer time...

We're busy doing lots of wildlife monitoring. However, it's best to expect the unexpected as we always get a few surprises.