A cuppa from the sun at Anglesey Abbey

Next time you enjoy a cuppa at Anglesey Abbey it will be made using energy harvested from the sun. In fact our new solar panels should generate enough electricity to make 1.7 million cups of tea a year.

We've recently installed 42 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Redwoods Restaurant. Almost all the electricity generated will be used on site in the Visitor Centre, and will be enough to supply the average energy needs of ten UK homes.

We will save around £425 per month by generating our own electricity, which we can now put towards the conservation of the Anglesey Abbey estate and collection. Just as important, we will be able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20 tonnes a year.

Our project is part of the National Trust's Renewable Energy Investment Programme, which was created to deliver the Trust's target of reducing our energy use by 20% by 2020 (from 2008 levels), and to source 50% of the remainder from renewables. The panels at Anglesey Abbey will provide a 0.06% contribution to this total.

The panels are kindly being provided free of charge by our corporate partner, Panasonic.

So next time you have a cuppa with us, its preparation will be causing less harm to the environment, and more of the profit from each cup of tea will be going to support our vital conservation work.

Thank-you for your support.