Anglesey Abbey - Dahlia Festival 2017

Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey

Summer is nearly over, and, as autumn colour starts to appear around the gardens, it's time for our dazzling Dahlias to take centre stage.

This years festival runs from Tuesday 12 September - Sunday 1 October.

In addition to the magnificent displays in the main Dahlia and Formal Gardens, throughout our three week Dahlia Festival there will be able a mix of traditional and creative displays across the gardens and in the house to enjoy.

The history of the dahlia is laced with myth, adventure and scandal. Running throughout the festival will be our Interpretation Trail - 'A flower through time', where you can discover the flower's turbulent past.

Pick up a copy of our trail guide in the Visitor Centre during the festival. It will guide you past our dahlia themed displays, while revealing the story of this vivacious flower.

Highlights of the 1st week (12 - 17 Sept)

Floating Dahlias

See our dahlias go for a dip in the river as we watch a rainbow of colour float peacefully down beautiful Quy Water towards Lode Mill.

Traditional 1960's displays

Visit the house to see traditional 1960's style flower arrangements featuring dahlias from the cutting garden. These displays will be refreshed throught the festival.

Help create a special display (14th & 15th Sept)

Help us create a series of giant Dahlia arrows pointing from the Main Drive to the famous Porphyry Bowl. Here you can see the work we are undertaking to help conserve this unique feature of Lord Fairhaven's garden.

Highlights of the 2nd week (18 - 24 Sept)

Floral Masterpiece

Pop into the Upper Gallery (in the house) to see a dahlia infused masterpiece inspired by the Porphyry Bowl.

Statue of Crowns

Join us for a Sculpture Tour and see our statues crowned kings and queens of the dahlia.

Woolly Pom Poms!

Pop into the Domestic Wing and make your own woolly pom pom dahlia wristband!

Quiet Room Creativity

Find striking colours in the flowerbeds of the Quiet Room - a secret alcove in the Winter Garden. This display will gradually grow and adapt through the second and third weeks of the festival.

Highlights of the 3rd week (25 Sept - 1 Oct)

Innovative House Displays

Discover a dahlia-themed twist on afteroon tea, and a bath filled with colour.

Skylight Garden Sundial

A stunning finale displayed in the Skylight Garden. Watch time fly by as we reach the end of the festival with a beautiful colourful sundial display.