Conservation season

Conservator cleaning a antique sculpture

Throughout the autumn the House is a hive of activity as our Conservation Team give the rooms & artefacts a thorough clean. Join us to discover what's involved in looking after the House & its contents.

What's going on

Living Room

The Living Room will be getting a very thorough deep clean this season. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the conservation practices & techniques we use, and to see the Conservation Team in action.

Getting ready for a deep clean
Two conservators placing protective covers of a sofa

The Oak Room

Discover the damage that can occur without preventive conservation.

Observe the cumulative effect dust can have if left over a period of time (we haven't dusted half the table since mid-September), and see how handling & touching of the collection can affect different objects & materials.

Upper Gallery

In the Upper Gallery we will be demonstrating the craftsmanship & techniques used to create a micro-mosaic table which was owned by Lord Fairhaven.

A digital microscope will allow you to view this amazing artwork in greater detail.

The intricate detail of the micro-mosaic
A close up of the intricate detail of a face on the micro mosaic

Children can also create their own mosaic masterpiece using a magnetic mosaic kit.


Look beyond the covers & discover what's involved in looking after Anglesey's collection of over 7000 books.There will be regular live demonstrations of book cleaning.

Tapestry Hall

In the Tapestry Hall there is a collection of jewelled crosses which were collected by Lord Fairhaven's mother.

Cleaning one of Lady Fairhaven's crosses
Close-up image of crucifix being cleaned with cotton wool bud

This year the crosses will be individually cleaned & their condition assessed. The cleaning will be taking place in the Dining Room

Statue cleaning

Visit the Dome during half-term to learn about the magnificent work undertaken by our team of volunteer statue cleaners. With over over 100 statues throughout the gardens they are kept very busy throughout the spring & summer months. 

There's over 100 statues to look after in the gardens
Close up of volunteer cleaning statue in the copper beech circle

The Conservation season runs from Wednesday 4 October - Sunday 29 October, 2017