High days & holidays

Picture of Sapphire's Crew in uniform

Join us this summer as we explore Lord Fairhaven's journeys across the globe in his luxury Steam Yacht, The Sapphire. Discover how his travels influenced his design of the garden, and enjoy the Dahlia Garden where he entertained his close friends, including members of the Royal Family, upon his return home for the final stages of the flat racing season.

Lord Fairhaven was extremely well-travelled and used the family’s steam yacht to explore far and wide with his family and friends. From major voyages to America and the Far East, to regular trips to Europe, stopping off to meet friends and dining with ambassadors along the way.

Lord Fairhaven’s travels make for a fascinating glimpse into a world which very much influenced the work he undertook at Anglesey Abbey and the house and gardens we see today. 

Our exhibition will include artefacts never seen before. A digitised cine film taken by Lord Fairhaven at the Cowes Regatta in the 1920s will be on show in the House, after the Conservation Team, discovered it in a trunk in Lord Fairhaven's wardrobe.

Important moments in Lord Fairhaven's life such as attending both Royal coronations and his personal friendship with the Royal family will also be explored. His perfectly preserved coronation robes will also be displayed for the first time.

The summer programme:

Going Stateside  (5 May - 3 June)

From May to the beginning of June we will be telling the story of Lord Fairhaven's 1925/26 journey to the Caribbean and the United States. Relive that journey through his photographs, and records and discover is collection of American objects - notably his books by Mark Twain, the Steinway piano in the lower gallery and some items of silver. You can also watch and smell (and maybe even taste) authentic foods from America and the Caribbean as they are prepared by our chefs and volunteers in the kitchens at Anglesey Abbey. Out in the grounds, you can see how Lord Fairhaven's stay at his uncle's house at Oyster Bay, New York State influenced the design of Anglesey Abbey's gardens - particularly the Rose Garden and Wildflower Meadows.

Motoring around Europe (4 June - 15 July)

After North America, we look at Lord Fairhaven's European adventures in his luxury Rolls Royce. He was also partial to a round or two of golf, with his close friend Lord Inverclyde, who joined Lord Fairhaven on many of his travels.

Motoring adventures in Europe
Black and White picture of Lord Fairhaven's Rolls Royce
Motoring adventures in Europe

An Eastern Exploration (16 July - 2 September)

For the second half of July and throughout August we join Lord Fairhaven on his 1924 trip to India and Singapore. We discover his collection of Jade and share his fascination with oriental furnature and style.

Homecoming (3 - 30 September)

Traditionally Lord Fairhaven returned to Anglesey Abbey in September to enjoy the latter stages of the flat racing season where he could entertain guests including Royalty in his Dahlia Garden.

The sweeping Dahlia Garden offers a dazzling burst of late summer colour
Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey
The sweeping Dahlia Garden offers a dazzling burst of late summer colour