High Days & Holidays - Homeward Bound

Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey

From 5 May - 30 September, discover more about Lord Fairhaven's adventures across the globe as we travel the world through the eyes of his collection. For the last stretch of our journey, we're showcasing his passion for racing and his annual routines for returning from his holiday home in Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast.

Lord Fairhaven was extremely well-travelled and used the family’s steam yacht to explore far and wide with his family and friends. From major voyages to America and the Far East, to regular trips to Europe, stopping off to meet friends and dining with ambassadors along the way.

Lord Fairhaven’s travels make for a fascinating glimpse into a world which very much influenced the work he undertook at Anglesey Abbey and the house and gardens we see today. 

Motoring adventures in Europe
Black and White picture of Lord Fairhaven's Rolls Royce
Motoring adventures in Europe

Homeward Bound (3 - 30 September)

For the last leg of our journey, join us we explore Lord Fairhaven's annual routine as he returned from his holiday home in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast, ready for the racing season ahead. Designed to be a showpiece for when he was entertaining guests after a busy days racing, the Dahlia Garden will also be in full bloom, bursting with colour from end to end.

  • Learn what it takes to manage an award winning stud, and delve into what was included in a Newmarket Racing picnic fit for Baron inside the House. Henry Boughton, Lord Fairhaven's brother wasn't keen on the food available at the race course and regularly took a picnic. Volunteers in the Domestic Wing kitchen, will be cooking up a picnic hamper full of delights inluding victoria sandwiches, bread rolls, scones, eclairs and even homemade lemonade. Time it right and you might just get a sample!
  • Head to the Library to delve into the stud books from the Barton Stud, purchased by the Fairhaven brothers in August 1925.
A day at the races
  • Stroll through the Dahlia Garden and discover the rainbow of colours. At its best in September and October, Lord Fairhaven liked to entertain his guests in his showpiece garden after a day's racing. A member of the garden team will be in the Dahlia Garden daily. Maybe you're just starting out and want some tips, or maybe you have dahlias at home that you have a question about, our friendly garden team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.
  • Don't forget to pop into the Formal Garden to see the spectacular red and orange dwarf Dahlias planted in uniform rows.
  • If you've been inspired by the displays in the gardens, why not pop into the Plant Centre and help us look after this special place by purchasing a part of it for your own garden? With dahlias grown by the garden team here at Anglesey Abbey, and cyclamen ready for autumn planting, there's lots to choose from.
  • Pick up the Royal Roots trail from Reception to discover more about the royalty inspired planting and statue collections throughout the gardens. 
The sweeping Dahlia Garden offers a dazzling burst of late summer colour
Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey
The sweeping Dahlia Garden offers a dazzling burst of late summer colour