A still lived-in family home

Dining room at Antony

Your visit might include spending some time discovering the house, taking in the personal touches of a grand yet comfortable family home. There are expansive views from the upstairs bedroom windows just waiting to be enjoyed.

Antony is a house full of faces and personalities. Generations of Carews look down from gilded frames as you walk through the rooms. A rich family history tells of English Civil War intrigue and the remarkable scholarship and creativity of an important family.

The house sits high above the river Lynher with sweeping views over the Repton designed landscape. The beautifully situated house is built from a rare pentewan stone which glows a silvery grey in the sunlight and gives the building its distinctive colour.

A visit to Antony has the personal touch and the spirit of collecting is still alive. Expect to see two hundred year old portraits hanging next to twentieth century glass ornaments. The latest generation of Carew Poles live in the house too so you might even spot their favourite toys.

If you are interested, you can find out what the conservation team have been up to over the closed season and learn about how we care for the personal treasures in the house.

Person holding a small brush cleaning the spines of some historic books in a library

Conservation in action

Deep cleaning the furniture
Conservation Assistant cleans a chair with a museum vac
Deep cleaning the furniture