Garden for all seasons

Black walnut tree silhouetted by the winter sun

The Repton inspired landscape at Antony, with its sweeping river views and unexpected nooks and crannies, is a joy to visit from spring to autumn. In the spring the camellias and magnolias in the Woodland Garden (not National Trust but free to Trust members) should not be missed and in the summer the Summer Garden is a delight. Make sure you don't miss the intricate Knot Garden on your visit as well.

Sculpture in the garden

A special part of Antony's appeal is the modern sculpture scattered around the garden. From the 'Hypercone', by Simon Thomas and the 'Magnolia Gate', by James Horrobin, to the 'Water Cone', by William Pye, and the 'Dono', by Steven Cox, they really shouldn't be missed.

Ask an expert

The Humphry Repton designed landscape affords expansive views down to the River Lynher. When Repton designed the garden at Antony in the early nineteenth century it was fashionable to have unbroken views down to water or follies making for a particularly spectacular walk.

Get the inside track on a Glorious Garden Tour. This walk and talk includes the rarely noticed bathhouse and other hidden gems. Bring your own questions and horticultural challenges and tap into the knowledge and experience of our talented team. This is your chance to see the garden in detail and learn from the professionals.