Keeping house

The front of Antony house on a sunny day

It is with pride we open our doors to you this spring, ready to show off what's new and wonderful and to tell you a bit about what's been going on behind the scenes. We've missed you.

Spot of spring cleaning

We've given our silver galleon a spruce and it really is looking marvellous. You might even spot your own reflection in it as you pass through the dining room. As it happens though, we don't like over polishing the metals we look after at Antony, we tend to go for a less is more approach. It's not everyday you see a silver galleon and our cleaning methods mean it will still be here in hundreds of years time.

Something a bit fishy here

Despite doing our very best to eradicate pests from the house, sometimes they do creep in and we have to take steps to deal with them. This winter the conservation team discovered silverfish lurking at the back of the book presses in the library. They are one of the most pre-historic of insects with an unusal silvery and scaley appearance. Come along to one of our conservation in action days to find out more.