Spot of elbow grease

Keeping the house looking spick and span is a labour of love for our hardworking conservation team. Find out about some of the things that keep them busy including news about some unwanted guests in the Library.

Don't ignore the floor

The floor in the hallway has been polished to bring it up to a lovely shine. In the other rooms, druggets have been laid to protect the carpets from the amount of footfall we get when we are open to the public. You will notice druggets in the library, tapestry room, saloon and dining room. They preserve and protect the antique carpets in the house.

The magnificent chandelier in the dining room is something that we may all take for granted but those fairy like sparkles don’t happen by accident. Much effort and care goes into cleaning the droplets every two years. Did you know that all it takes to bring it up to such a glorious shine is warm water and a drop of sensitive soap?

The saloon at Antony
The saloon at Antony

Despite doing our very best to eradicate pests from the house, sometimes they do creep in and we have to take steps to deal with them. This winter the conservation team discovered silverfish lurking at the back of the book presses in the library. They are one of the most pre-historic of insects with an unusal silvery and scaley appearance. Come along to one of our conservation in action days to find out more.

Book conservation in the library
Person holding a small brush cleaning the spines of some historic books in a library