Attingham's Walled Garden Glasshouses Appeal

You can help us save the features of the Walled Garden for future generations and keep this special place both beautiful and bountiful with seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers growing at the heart of this Shropshire estate

The Melon House in the Walled Garden at Attingham, Shrewsbury

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Interior door inside the Melon House at Attingham Park
£10 could help us restore and retain the historic ironwork inside the Melon House such as door catches.
£20 will help us refurbish and retain the original winding and opening mechanisms on the windows in the Melon House.
The exterior of the Melon House in the Walled Garden at Attingham
Melons growing in the Melon House in the Walled Garden at Attingham
£50 could go towards helping us grow melons again, at the heart of this Shropshire estate.
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A view of the Glass Houses and Bothy inside the Walled Garden

Walled Garden Glasshouses Restoration 

Not everyone's got a Melon House, Tomato House or an intriguingly named 'Pinery Vinery' in their garden. Just like the Georgians, we’re aiming to utilise today’s innovative technology to continue to grow produce in Attingham's Walled Garden glasshouses.

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As a charity, we're dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history for generations to come to enjoy. From preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting nature and wildlife in outdoor spaces, by donating to our Protect Special Places appeal, you'll help us to act quickly to look after special places. Donations also help us release match funding from various sources including corporates, grant-giving bodies like the Landfill Communities Fund, and Charitable Trusts. This means every pound you give helps us raise even more for vital conservation work.

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