Churchill's Chartwell Project

From purchasing and preserving the most cherished objects from Churchill’s life to unearthing the lost stories from those that worked most closely with him, discover how even a small donation can help to secure the legacy of the man behind the legend for future generations

The south front of Chartwell, the home of Sir Winston Churchill between 1922 and 1964, Kent
An image of a typewriter in the Secretaries' Office

Our goal

Please help us raise the final £371,000 for the Churchill’s Chartwell Appeal. This money will be used to help us open up the never-before-seen rooms like the Family Room, which will tell the stories of the Churchill's beloved children, and the Secretaries’ Office to learn all about the lives of the remarkable women who became the unsung heroines of Chartwell. It will also be used to rehang the studio more like when Winston Churchill used it, based on photos from the 1960s.

How the appeal adds up

  • Chartwell has been open to the public for 50 years
  • So far, we've raised £6.9 million
  • We still need to raise £371,000

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The studio at Chartwell
£10 would help us redisplay the Churchill Studip
£25 would help us open up brand new rooms to our visitors like the Secretaries' Office
The Secretaries Room at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent
£50 could help us continue our learning and outreach work
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The story so far

Chartwell is the only place in the world where objects that belonged to Churchill can be seen in their original domestic setting and they are intrinsic to his life and achievements. The appeal launched in 2016 aims to acquire hundreds of historic and personal objects that belonged to Churchill and keep them here at his home in Chartwell. As part of the appeal we have already opened Churchill's bedroom for visitors to see, with more never-before-seen rooms still to be supported.

What we can achieve with your help

An image of a typewriter in the Secretaries' Office

With your help in 2020 we hope to open the never-before-seen Secretaries' Office. Displayed as it might have looked in the 1950s, we aim to explore more about the life of the unsung heroines that would have made this room a hive of activity. With interactive elements, the room will tell a fuller story of Churchill's working life at Chartwell.

The studio at Chartwell

Launching in late spring 2020, with your support we hope to redisplay Churchill's painting studio in a way that reflects how it would have been seen and used by Churchill during the 1960s.

Chattel on display

Updates from the Churchill's Chartwell appeal

We want to raise £7.1 million to purchase over 1,000 objects in our collection and reinvigorate Churchill's legacy at Chartwell. Find out our latest news on the appeal and discover new ways for you to get involved.

" You may be sure that Clemmie and I will do our utmost to invest the house and gardens with every characteristic and trophy that will make it of interest in the future."
- Sir Winston Churchill writing to Lord Camrose from Chartwell, 1945

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the irreplaceable treasures in our care. Memberships help to pay for some of the work we do. But they only go so far. Additional donations are crucial to maintaining our collections, from stunning works of silverware to personal keepsakes that bring the past to life. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work to our collections at this special place. With your support, we can continue to conserve, protect and provide access to these fascinating pieces of history. For everyone, for ever.

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