Fishpool Valley - Do you give a dam?

Be part of our ambitious project to revive and restore Fishpool Valley by donating towards the project below. Every penny helps us reveal more and more of this forgotten Picturesque landscape.

An artist's vision of the pumphouse in Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

Donate to Fishpool Valley - Do you give a dam?

You can support specific aspects of the work, including the restoration of the dams

An artist's impression of a carriage-way in Fishpool Valley, but with a dramatically enhanced view across the valley.
£10 By donating £10 you are helping us restore the lost carriage rides and Picturesque walks, one metre at a time.
£25 Views in the valley have gradually been lost due to unchecked vegetation growth. A donation of £25 will help us with our annual forestry costs, which will gradually open up key views throughout the valley.
An artist's impression of Fishpool Valley, post-restoration
An artist's view of the restored landscape in Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire
£50 The dams are in urgent need of repair and each one will cost between £30,000 and £200,000. By donating £50 you are helping us to achieve this hugely ambitious target.
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Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the outdoor spaces in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve beautiful landscapes and protect precious plants and wildlife. But they also ensure that future generations have places they can find freedom from everyday life, reconnect with the natural world and make memories to treasure. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work in the outdoors at this special place. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For everyone, for ever.

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