For Ever, For Everyone appeal

By supporting our For Ever, For Everyone appeal, you can help us do something really special – use your gift wherever it’s needed most

Building work at Castle Drogo
The East front with the 'transparent' portico at Osterley, Middlesex

For Ever, For Everyone appeal

A gift to For Ever, For Everyone means you're there to help, wherever we need you most. It enables us to have the funds ready, so we can move fast and do whatever is most urgent.

How the appeal adds up

  • Our staff and volunteers help us care for over 500 properties
  • 4 World Heritage Sites exist on our land by the coast
  • We helped to re-introduce the large blue butterfly to England after it was declared extinct in 1979

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Roof renovation project at Castle Drogo, Devon
Exterior view of Quarry Bank Mill
Building Dyrham exhibition at Dyrham Park
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Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our conservation projects range from preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting the plants and wildlife found in outdoor spaces. Your donation will allow us to act quickly, wherever the need is greatest at this special place, and do vital conservation work.

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