Hatchlands Park Organ Appeal

In 1904 Lord Rendel decided that he wished ‘to add to Hatchlands a music room with an organ in it.’ Having just passed its 119th birthday this much-loved instrument that dominates the Music Room is now in need of restoration. We need to raise over £100,000 to carry out a full overhaul of this Grade I listed organ, so that we can preserve it for future generations and continue providing a musical backdrop to your visits for another 100 years.

The organ at Hatchlands Park
The organ interior at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

How your support will help

Our wonderful concert organ, which dominates the south end of the Music Room here, was played for over 100 years before any major conservation work was carried out. With your help, we’ve already made a start, but now we need to complete a comprehensive restoration to ensure the instrument can remain in playable condition.

" The organ at Hatchlands is an instrument of importance to our national heritage and one deserving of careful preservation for the benefit of future generations."
- British Institute of Organ Studies

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The organ at Hatchlands Park
£10 £10 will help towards restoring the reed stops. Each one needs to be taken apart, cleaned and reset
£20 £20 will pay for the restoration of one individual pipe. There are 1074 pipes in total. Each one needs to be removed, checked and repaired, then cleaned internally and externally before being put back
The organ at Hatchlands Park
The organ at Hatchlands Park
£50 £50 will allow us to overhaul all of the mechanical coupler actions, and fit them with new leather where needed
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Piano in the Music Room at Hatchlands Park, Surrey. Piano in the Music Room at Hatchlands Park, Surrey.

The Music Room 

Our organ at Hatchlands Park is situated, appropriately, in the Music Room. One of Lord Rendel’s major additions, the Music Room, built in 1903, was created because Rendel wanted ‘to add to Hatchlands a music room with an organ in it’.

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