Help repair Avebury Manor garden wall

Many years of sun, rain and wind have eroded the thatch so that it no longer protects the ancient wall beneath it. We need to raise £20,000 to restore it.

Long view of church wall
Deteriorating thatch on stone wall

Time has taken its toll

Thatched walls are very characteristic of Wiltshire and are not only a lovely feature of Avebury Manor, they are also a wildlife habitat supporting insects and small birds that live and nest between the stones. These sarsen stones keep the heat, warm the garden borders and enclose the Church and Monks Gardens. Unfortunately the thatch is disintegrating so badly it is no longer protecting the ancient wall.

Finished and old thatch

Before and after

One small part of the wall has already been rethatched, and you can see from the picture that this work has been transformational. The families of Northmore-Ball and Knowles arranged to have the small section over their family memorials repaired, and in doing so give us a glimpse of how wonderful the wall will look when completed. We’d like to express special thanks to Martin Northmore-Ball for his kind permission to use this photograph.

Chruch behind garden wall

Avebury Manor and St James' Church

The wall is the original boundary wall between Avebury Manor Garden and St James’ Church and we need to restore it to its former glory so that visitors to the church and the manor can see it at its very best. Re-thatching it will also protect the wall below from crumbling away and also enable the wildlife habitat to flourish generations to come.

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wall and church
Deteriorating thatch on stone wall
close up of old thatch
£10 could enable us to replace 3cm of the thatch and will start us on the journey. Just 2000 supporters could enable us to rethatch the whole wall.
£20 A donation of £20 could bring us an even bigger step closer to restoring this thatch as quickly as possible.
Old wall
Thatch new
£50 This donation could make a huge difference and will allow us to make 15 cm of the thatch beautiful again.
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Jan Tomlin

Thank you

“It’s thanks to the generosity and dedication of our supporters that we are able to care for Avebury Manor and this appeal will help us secure the funds needed to conserve this beautiful wall for generations to come”. Jan Tomlin, General Manager

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Support the re-thatching of the Avebury Manor garden wall