Ickworth Uncovered Appeal

Ickworth is embarking on a major conservation project to repair the roof. As water is running in, time is running out and we need your help to fix the leaks, add lightning protection and re-tile the iconic Rotunda.

Ickworth Rotunda, Suffolk
The iconic view of Ickworth, Suffolk

Help us raise the roof

The iconic Rotunda was the vision of the Earl Bishop in 1795. However, the roof is now in urgent need of repair. As well as the domed Rotunda, the roofs of the buildings that link to it need work. Your donation can help us ensure this building is watertight once more, so that the unique treasures can be kept safe and enjoyed for years to come.

  • We're embarking on a £5million roof project
  • We need to replace 42 tonnes of slate
  • On a roof measuring 110 metres in circumference
A view of the rotunda at Ickworth, Suffolk

Saving a Suffolk icon

Reflecting the family's passion for everything Italian, Ickworth was built to display an impressive collection gathered whilst travelling the continent. Leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, the architecture is iconic, with its central Rotunda, curving corridors and two storey wings.

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£30 for a slate that will make the roof watertight once more
£35 will help with timber strengthening work to a rafter (and we have quite a few rafters)
£42 will enable us to lay a square foot of lead that's needed to cover the flat roof
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Ickworth rotunda roof, Suffolk

A special roof for a special building

This project is not without its challenges. Not only will we be replacing 42 tonnes of slate on the rotunda roof, each slate will need to be individually cut to size to form the domed shape. We'll also be re-roofing the flat roofs that link to the Rotunda. Oh, and we'll need to move 2,500 items from the collection, for the work to take place.

A selection of tiny silver scent bottles in the shape of fish

Protecting Ickworth's treasures

The Rotunda is a showcase, intended by the 4th Earl of Bristol to display his impressive treasures. Home to one of the finest silver collections, as well as art by Gainsborough and Reynolds; your support with this appeal, will help ensure their future.

" The craftsmanship that went into building Ickworth is incredible, but it is also natural that over time repairs will be needed. We're looking forward to the challenge and sharing our progress with you."
- Andrew Rowson, Project Manager

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