Plas Newydd Whistler Carpet Appeal

Although we remain closed following recent government advice on social distancing, you can continue to support Plas Newydd’s Whistler dining room carpet appeal by dedicating a donation to someone special and adding your precious memories to our interactive map. A perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. After more than 70 years of family gatherings and thousands of visitors, the carpet has finally reached the point of retirement. With your help, we can restore this room to its former glory.

Rex Whistler's 58 foot mural at Plas Newydd, Anglesey
  • We need 12 special dyes to recreate the design
  • The carpet had over 160,000 footsteps last year
  • We need to recreate over 40 feet of hand-woven carpet

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Detail of Rex Whistler's mural at Plas Newydd
£5 will allow us to recreate one square foot of carpet
£20 helps us to buy two feet of hand-stitched seam
Marking out the design of the original 1930s carpet.
Choosing the dyes for the carpet in the Whistler dining room at Plas Newydd.
£40 would go towards buying one of the 12 special dyes
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Detail of Rex Whistler's mural at Plas Newydd

A talented young artist at Plas Newydd

Born in 1905 and sadly died in 1944 at only 39 years old Plas Newydd is home to a wonderful collection of Rex Whistler artworks. Currently presented at Plas Newydd is a temporary display of Whistler’s “unfinished” artwork.

" Losing the carpet is devastating. It's about celebrating and experiencing the room in its originally intended design with the rich colours and patterns. "
- Taya Drake, House and Collections Manager
Murlun 58 troedfedd Rex Whistler ym Mhlas Newydd, Ynys Môn.

Apêl carped Whistler

Nid ystafell arferol yw ystafell fwyta Whistler ym Mhlas Newydd – mae’n cynnwys murlun trawiadol a charped lliwgar wedi’i wehyddu â llaw. Cafodd hwn ei ddewis gan y teulu yn yr 1930au. Ar ôl dros 70 mlynedd o fynd a dod gan y teulu a miloedd o ymwelwyr, mae’n bryd i’r carped ymddeol. Gyda’ch help chi, gallwn adfer yr ystafell i’w hen ogoniant.

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