Runnymede Explored appeal

We are grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for awarding us a grant of £1.6m so we can transform the way in which visitors experience Runnymede. However, we still need to raise an additional £300,000 to bring our vision to life. We want to inspire our visitors and ensure everyone can understand and enjoy the history and importance of these globally significant landscapes.

Family running through meadow Runnymede

How your support will help

A group walking through the woods at Runnymede and Ankerwycke

Connecting with the community

Throughout the project we will offer new volunteering opportunities for schools and local people to get involved with at Runnymede. We will be working with local community groups, and also with local councils, to make sure everyone can enjoy this remarkable place.

Anccient Ankerwycke yew tree

Uniting Runnymede and Ankerwycke

On one side of the River Thames is the historic site of the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede; on the other, the hidden wonders of Ankerwycke; with its priory ruins: a scheduled ancient monument and home to the Ankerwycke yew. Your support will help create a ferry crossing between the two, allowing visitors to experience the two linked but contrasting landscapes in one visit.

A new trail path through Runnymede
The River Thames at Runnymede

Joining the dots

We want to create a new trail to help tell Runnymede’s incredible stories and an upgraded tow path along the River Thames, which will be accessible for everyone. This will mean all our visitors can make the most of the public artworks and monuments, and can be inspired by its important history, which still resonates today, through new creative interpretation around the themes of liberty and Magna Carta, the people linked to the landscape, and Runnymede as a site of commemoration.

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The inscription on the ceiling of the American Bar Association memorial at Runnymede

The legacy of Magna Carta 

It's over 800 years since King John sealed Magna Carta at Runnymede, an act which would have global significance for years to come.

" Runnymede is a place that can speak to a global audience about liberty, the rule of law, human rights and individual freedom."
- Daniel Duthie, General Manager, Surrey Landscapes

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our conservation projects range from preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting the plants and wildlife found in outdoor spaces. Your donation will allow us to act quickly, wherever the need is greatest at this special place, and do vital conservation work.

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