Stroud landscape appeal

Nature in the UK is in trouble and biodiversity is declining. Wildlife that was once common is disappearing. Over 130 species have already been lost from the UK with a further 15% at risk of extinction. With your help the Stroud Landscape Project can reverse this trend so nature can thrive for generations to come.

The small blue butterfly laying eggs

The state of nature

  • Since 1970 41% of species have seen their populations decrease
  • Biodiversity is declining 133 species have become extinct from the UK
  • Over the last fifty years 27% of wildlife is now found in fewer places

Wildlife in the UK is undergoing huge and rapid change. Biodiversity has been massively depleted by centuries of habitat loss, land management changes and development. 

We're in danger of losing precious plants and animals from the west Cotswolds forever. Important habitats are being lost and broken up through intensive farming and pressures from developers. 

The good news is it's not too late but we need your help so we can act quickly. If we provide plants and animals with the right conditions they will come back from the brink and we'll be able to pass on a healthier Cotswold landscape to our children. 

Donate to Stroud landscape appeal

Your donation will make a big difference to wildlife in the Cotswolds

Bats find their way using echo-location
£10 could buy a bat box to help the bats at Woodchester Park.
£30 could buy one metre of new hedgerow giving birds a safe place to nest and providing them with nutritious berries throughout the winter.
Waxwing in winter
Wildflower meadow
£50 could help to sow one hectare of pasture land with wildflower seeds that will encourage bees, butterflies and insects.
Or enter your own amount
" The Stroud landscape, with its limestone grasslands and ancient beech woodlands supports so many important species that we could easily lose forever. We are taking decisive action to reconnect and revitalise this magnificent stretch of the Cotswolds so wildlife can not only recover, but prosper long into the future."
The purple pasque flower

Thank you

If you give today, you'll be helping wildlife and nature to thrive in Gloucestershire. Once you've donated, please email Dave at, letting him know your address so he can send you a personalised thank you card.

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the outdoor spaces in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve beautiful landscapes and protect precious plants and wildlife. But they also ensure that future generations have places they can find freedom from everyday life, reconnect with the natural world and make memories to treasure. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work in the outdoors at this special place. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For everyone, for ever.

Donate now to help wildlife around Stroud