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Nostell is a house of many treasures, great craftsmanship and centuries of stories. Your donation will help us preserve our collection and find ways to unlock the stories behind it so it can be enjoyed today and for future generations to come.

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Help protect our Chippendale collection and create new fans

In 2018 we are launching Interior Worlds: Thomas Chippendale at Nostell to celebrate the 300th anniversary of this influential designer. Thomas Chippendale created a world of interiors for Nostell and supplied the house with over 100 items of furniture, wallpaper and textiles. By donating to our appeal you will help us look after these pieces and continue to develop our programme of activity to create a new generation of Chippendale fans.

  • James Paine was commissioned to build the house in 1733 by Sir Rowland Winn
  • There are 10,344 pieces in the collection at Nostell
  • Chippendale was employed for 19 years at Nostell
  • Nostell has over 100 pieces made by Chippendale
Thomas Chippendale pier glass at Nostell

Interior Worlds: Thomas Chippendale at Nostell 

There's a great deal going on to mark the 300th year since the birth of 'the Shakespeare of furniture'. This year join in the celebrations with events, exhibitions and hands-on activities.

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£10 could help to pay for two pony hair brushes that are essential for cleaning the delicate pieces
£45 would pay for one hour of studio time with a specialist conservator and contribute to the long term care of the pieces
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£100 could help to create a new generation of Chippendale fans by paying for an artist to run a workshop for up to 100 young people and families
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Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the irreplaceable treasures in our care. Memberships help to pay for some of the work we do. But they only go so far. Additional donations are crucial to maintaining our collections, from stunning works of silverware to personal keepsakes that bring the past to life. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work to our collections at this special place. With your support, we can continue to conserve, protect and provide access to these fascinating pieces of history. For everyone, for ever.

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