Support red squirrels in the Lake District

The rare and much-loved native red squirrel still survives in the Lake District, but they are under constant threat and need your help to survive

A red squirrel at Allan Bank in Grasmere Cumbria
A red squirrel at Allan Bank in Grasmere Cumbria

Keep red squirrels alive in the Lakes

Against the odds native reds still survive in the Lake District. But they are under constant threat from the non-native grey squirrels that carry a deadly virus. We work with local squirrel groups to protect reds in our woodlands. But we need your help to do more.

How the appeal adds up

  • Surveys in 2017 found red squirrels in 55% of Cumbria's woodlands
  • ... and grey squirrels in 41% of Cumbrian woodlands
  • More than 99% of reds that catch the pox virus will die
  • We need your help to raise £30,000 a year to protect red squirrels

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Red squirrel appeal

£10 could help to provide nutritious nuts and seeds
£20 could help to monitor feeders and keep them clean from disease
£50 could support specialist squirrel patrols and surveys
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Where to see red squirrels

" Visitors love to see rare red squirrels here. But support is vital to help fund their continued protection in our woodlands."
- Dave Almond, Manager at Grasmere and Allan Bank

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