The Marsden Moor appeal

After a number of devastating fires, this precious moorland habitat needs your help. In response to overwhelming offers of support, we're asking for your donations to help us restore this landscape.

Firefighters tackle the blaze on Marsden Moor
A moorland fire on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Help us protect Marsden Moor 

In spring 2019, a number of ferocious fires have devastated moorland at Marsden Moor. Over the Easter weekend, the most significant fire in recent years covered an estimated 1,000 hectares of moorland, destroying precious habitat for wildlife like curlews and mountain hares.

Helicopter carries water to fight the fire at Marsden Moor

Restoring the landscape 

Your donation will go towards the work that we will do with our partners to prevent future fires and the restoration that will be required over the coming months and years.

How the appeal adds up

  • We've already seen 6 moorland fires at Marsden in 2019
  • The helicopter used to put out the blaze flew for 25 hours
  • The most recent fire has damaged 1,000 hectares of precious moorland habitat

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£10 could go towards repairing one of the fences destroyed by the fire
£20 could support our work to rewet the moorland to prevent future fires
£50 could help us replant the sphagnum moss which was recently planted and has been lost in the devastation
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A Short-eared owl on the wing.

Discover Marsden Moor

Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire is a fascinating and diverse landscape, home to short-eared owls, curlews and mountain hares. Find out what makes this moorland so special.

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the outdoor spaces in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve beautiful landscapes and protect precious plants and wildlife. But they also ensure that future generations have places they can find freedom from everyday life, reconnect with the natural world and make memories to treasure. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work in the outdoors at this special place. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For ever, for everyone.

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