Tredegar House Community Garden appeal

Help us create a thriving community garden at Tredegar House. We’re raising funds to build an outdoor space which is accessible for everyone including those living with mental illness or physical disabilities in the Duffryn community.

Work being carried out to level the sensory garden
  • An estimated 500 people will benefit from our community garden
  • Research show 25% of people suffer from poor mental health in any one year
  • Residents in deprived urban areas spend 40% less time in outdoor spaces
An illustration of the new community sensory garden

A community and sensory garden 

Over the past year we have been working hard to bring our derelict Laundry building back into use. The second phase of our ambitious project is about to begin, but we need your help. Support the growth of the accessible community allotment and sensory garden by donating to our cause today.

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Close up of lavender plant lining a path at Greys Court
£5 will buy potted lavender plant for the sensory garden
£10 will buy wild flower seed for the garden of tranquility
Wild flower bed in the Side Garden
Visitors in the garden at Dyrham Park
£25 will buy one sleeper to build the raised flower beds
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" I really want the Laundry gardens to be a beautiful and inspirational place where local people can offer their time to help. It will be fully accessible and the work will be gentle so that everyone can contribute to making it a place Duffryn can be proud of."
- Brian Hanlon, Growing Space
The interior of the Laundry building showing significant fire damage

Restoring the Laundry building at Tredegar House 

Following the repairs to the mansion roof, 2018 brings a new focus with the restoration and conservation of the old Laundry building at Tredegar House.

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our conservation projects range from preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting the plants and wildlife found in outdoor spaces. Your donation will allow us to act quickly, wherever the need is greatest at this special place, and do vital conservation work.

Donate now to the Community Garden Appeal at Tredegar House