Ghosts at Arlington Court

Arlington Court house lit for a special event

The current house at Arlington was built in 1823, but the estate has existed for over 600 years. Many residents have passed through its doors and, it’s thought, not all of them have left. There have been several reports of unexplainable activity at Arlington and two paranormal Investigation groups have spent a night in the house. Below you can find out what has been reported and judge for yourself whether the house is haunted.

The grey lady

The staircase is the heart of the home at Arlington
An old photograph of the staircase hall at Arlington Court
The staircase is the heart of the home at Arlington

The most notable report of a possible haunting came during a fashion show event in the mid-noughties. A local department store was showcasing their new bridal range. The models were sweeping down the short flights of steps either side of the staircase hall and then along the landing and down the central stairs. At one point half of the room watched as one ‘model’ didn’t come down the main stairs, but continued across the landing and disappeared into the mirror on the right hand side. Several people reported having seen this ‘grey lady’ on the night. Strangely enough, there used to be a doorway where the mirror now stands, so it may just have been a ghost just passing through.

A disgruntled wife

Pets were very important to the Chichester family
A historic photograph of Lady Chichester with a dog on the steps of Arlington Court
Pets were very important to the Chichester family

Another report comes from a group of women who were visiting the house. They entered the Library Bedroom and one lady picked up the room notes to read them to her friends. Suddenly the window blind, which had been pulled down, flew up, startling the group. Feeling unsettled, they left the room and mentioned this odd occurrence to a volunteer as they were leaving. The volunteer informed them that the last occupant of the room, Lady Chichester, didn’t like to have only women in her room. If a man was in the room she was much happier and wouldn’t disturb visitors.

Paranormal investigations

Do the past owners of these toys still cling to them?
Some of the toys on display in the Nursery at Arlington Court
Do the past owners of these toys still cling to them?

Two investigations have been carried out in the past five years. The groups set up various methods of tracking and recording any unusual activity and set up a series of visits to each room, so see if any spirits were present. One of the most convincing findings came from the Nursery. An EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) reader was used to monitor any changes of energy in the room, as questions were asked aloud. In a specific spot, near a doll on a chair in the centre of the room, the meter produced very high spikes. EMF readers can be affected by the energy from radios, electric cables and mobile phones. But it was confirmed there were none of these in that area. When the group returned later that evening to repeat the experiment, there was no change to the energy readings.

Draw your own conclusions

It’s now up to you to decide whether you think Arlington Court may be haunted. If you visit on a bright summer’s day, with sunlight streaming through the windows, it can be difficult to believe there may be anything in these stories. But visit on a damp October day, when the murky light barely penetrates the shadows and you may form a different opinion.