Easter delights at Ashridge

Easter 2017 at Ashridge 2 Herts

Come and join in the Cadbury Egg Hunt at Ashridge

It's that time of year again when we team up with Cadbury to offer you the ultimate day out. Join us over the Easter holidays to run through muddy woodlands on our Cadbury Egg Hunt

Cadbury Egg hunt

The Cadbury Easter bunny will be looking for his friends hiding in the woods. It isn't always easy to find them as they tend to hide. Follow Bunny's clues on this year's Easter trail and collect a delicious Cadbury chocolate treat.

Can you spot the owl?
Camouflaged Tawny Owl at Ashridge Herts

Collect your trail map; answer the questions along the way, then return to the visitor centre to claim your Cadbury's choccy treat.

Beat the crowds

Beat the crowds by completing our Easter trail early. The trail will be running during the week prior to the Easter week-end at a special Early Bird rate so that you can avoid the crowds - more details here.

We've introduced the Early Bird offer to try and avoid overcrowding on Easter weekend. This way, we hope everyone can have a more enjoyable visit and we can also better protect the paths and verges from wear and tear. 

If you can only visit at the week-end, the trail will be exactly the same so no need to worry. You can find more information here.

Easter crafts

Whilst you are waiting for the Easter bunny you can come along to the visitor centre to make an Easter craft to take home. For the little ones there will be an Easter sock bunny and for older children an Ashridge deer sock puppet. Monday 3 - Friday 7 April.