Have fun at Ashridge this October half-term

destructive grey squirrels at Ashridge

This year we are concentrating on 'trick or treat' here at Ashridge so come along and find out which creatures trick us and which help. Come and make a spooky craft and follow our Halloween trail from Mon Oct 23 to Fri Oct 27

Goodies or baddies?

Follow our Halloween spider to find out which of the creatures at Ashridge 'trick' us or 'treat' us.


We all think that squirrels look so sweet as they dart across the path in front of us then scramble up a nearby tree but really they are very destructive. They strip the bark of trees to reach the sap layer underneath. If they strip a layer all around the tree it will probably die. Baddy number one.

Fallow deer

Ashridge has lots and lots of fallow deer which you can see darting into the woodland when you get near to them. They are wonderful animals but they do damage to trees and shrubs. They are capable of pulling up very young trees which is why you often see fences, called tree boxes, around them for protection. Baddy number two.

A clan gathering perhaps
Fallow deer group at Ashridge Herts
A clan gathering perhaps

Muntjac deer

You may not often see these shy creatures but they browse small saplings and seedlings, including some of our rare plants. Baddy number three.

The birds and the bees

Then there are the goodies - the birds and the bees. The birds are our best friends because they spread seed around the estate but our very best friends have to be the bees and other pollinating insects that fly from flower to flower, sharing pollen so that plants contunue to grow and produce seedlings.

We couldn't do without the bees
Bee on woundwort Ashridge Estate Herts
We couldn't do without the bees


You can buy drinks and delicious food from the Brownlow café, next to the visitor centre. The Brownlow is non-NT but has a very good reputation with our visitors. Please note it is outdoor seating only.

Family membership

If you are a regular visitor to Ashridge you might want to consider taking out family membership with the National Trust, which lets you to enjoy family fun at other properties too. There are several packages so just ask at reception for more information.