Professional Dog Walking Licences at Ashridge

Dog walking on a lead

Obtaining a license for professional dog walking at Ashridge will allow you to undertake your work in one of the area's more picturesque settings - whatever the season.

Looking after Ashridge

We want people to use and enjoy Ashridge but need to balance this with caring for the countryside and covering the cost of maintenance and conservation. Ashridge is a huge estate and it costs us over half a million pounds a year to look after it. Hundreds of thousands of visits each year create pressure on the landscapes that we care for and our resources.

We are just launching a licence scheme for professional dog walkers.

General information about the scheme can be found here Professional dog walking information (PDF / 0.0224609375MB) download  . We’ve also produced a FAQ’s sheet to answer the most frequently asked questions.Dog walking licence (PDF / 0.0859375MB) download

Dog walking is a favourite for people and pooches alike
Visitors dog-walking at Ickworth, Suffolk
Dog walking is a favourite for people and pooches alike


We’re inviting professional dog walkers to come and talk to us about the scheme at 2.30pm on Thursday 24 May 2018. The meeting will be at the visitor centre and is hosted by Emily Smith, Countryside Manager and Susie Mercer, General Manager. Do please let us know if you’re able to come along by emailing or calling 01442 841800.

Walk through bluebells with your dog
Dog walking to heel of a man through blubells
Walk through bluebells with your dog

How to obtain a licence

You can get a licence for professional dog walking at Ashridge by contacting the Estate Office on 01442 841800. We will need to see evidence of your public liability insurance cover. Please be aware that most public liability insurance policies will be invalidated if you are walking dogs on land where you do not have the express consent of the landowner.

Two people and their dogs walk down a track

Dog walking on the Ashridge Estate

We welcome responsible dog walking on the estate. We have visitors of all kinds at Ashridge; some on foot, some on wheels, some on horseback so we ask those of you bringing your four-legged friends to stick to our guidelines.