Make new discoveries at Attingham

Attingham's parkland covered in bright yellow daffodils

As the parkland reawakens and bright spring colours appear, join us as we open the doors for a brand new season. Inside the mansion, we’ll be showcasing the restored Picture Gallery and in the Walled Garden we’re highlighting the role of gardening and food production during the First World War.


From Saturday 5 March our mansion doors will be opening in celebration as we reveal the magnificently restored Picture Gallery. After three years of painstaking conservation the ‘Attingham Re-discovered Goes Through the Roof’ project is complete and we’ve been re-hanging the paintings to finish off the transformation of the Regency Gallery.  

You’ll be able to marvel at the Picture Gallery and explore the layers of history in the mansion every day until the 6 November. 

Walled Garden

Marking the centenary of the First World War, the Walled Garden will be hosting an exhibition that explores gardening and food production between 1914 and 1918. Between March and September, you can discover how vegetables were grown throughout these years and how they were used by the soldiers and home front. The exhibition also highlights the role of women during this time and the vital work woman did within the horticultural industry. 

For March, the Walled Garden will also be recruiting hen soldiers . Hens played an important role within the war, not only as a source of food, but their eggs ensured that the soldiers on the front received much needed protein. 

Spring in the Walled Garden
Spring in the Walled Garden
Spring in the Walled Garden


Our Pleasure Grounds restoration project will be continuing throughout the year, as views of the Wrekin are opened up, just as landscape designer Leggett intended 200 years ago. As buds blossom and green leaves appear the Mile Walk will transform into an outdoor picture gallery, full of bright spring colours. 

If you’d like to re-discover the parkland and find out more about how we manage the landscape or the animals who call Attingham their home, you can join our outdoor team on a guided walk throughout the year.