Becoming a volunteer

Jenny, Attingham Volunteer

Jenny Major - Jenny, Attingham Volunteer

I started volunteering at Attingham by attending a drop-in volunteer information session. Its a great way to find out more about Attingham, the volunteer roles available and meet some fellow prospective volunteers. Now is an ideal time to start as we are celebrating the 70th year of Attingham Park being part of The National Trust. For Attingham to be around in another 70 years we need your help.

Attingham volunteer demonstrating 1920s cooking in the kitchen at Attingham Park

The process of becoming a volunteer is easy 1, 2, 3 ! The first step is to sign up for a volunteer information session. These are informal sessions telling you about all the roles currently available. The session I went to was very informative answering all the questions I had; at the end of the session I was ‘signed on’ and told they would be in touch later to discuss arrangement of my induction and first volunteering experience.

My first day came about two weeks after the open day. When I first went into the volunteers’ room I was met with smiling faces, welcoming me in, and I felt really at ease from the start!

Bridget, an existing volunteer took me under her wing and gave me an informal induction, a tour of the basement and introduced me to my fellow volunteers. They were all really friendly and enthusiastic about getting to know me, and helping me settle in.

While being shown around the basement I was given some key facts about each room and stories of the people who had lived and worked there. They didn’t tell me too much though; knowing the amount of information was overwhelming!

After my tour of the basement I was assigned my 1820s dress; all the volunteers are in period dress on Wednesdays at Attingham, and if you are in the basement you are always dressed up! 

My tips for anyone thinking of volunteering in the Mansion team would be:

  • Listen in to other volunteers talking with the public; you pick up on the frequently asked questions and quite quickly learn the answers.
  • If you are asked any questions and don’t know the answer, just be honest, tell them you don’t know and ask another volunteer.