Family fun this autumn at Croome

Enjoy some autumn fun at Croome with lots to keep the family entertained.

Apple Bobbin' - Family Trail

20 October to 4 November

We have a variety of apples in our orchard. Go in search of some of them hidden in the park.  Apple bobbin' is traditionally played at Halloween and was enjoyed by the Georgians. Here at Croome we grow a variety of apples in our orchards some of which will have been historically used for such a pastime. Have fun searching the grounds for all the different varieties and don't forget to collect your prize!  £2 per trail.

What will you do at Croome?
Family running around Croome
What will you do at Croome?


Potter and Ponder Map

Our new sensory ‘Potter and Ponder’ map encourages visitors with disabilities to experience the beautiful parkland using touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell during their visit.

Read more about Potter and Ponder and download the map

Natural play area

Discover the natural play area, the perfect place to sit and enjoy the summer sun at one of the many picnic benches scattered around.  Children can test their balance on tree trunks, build dens, sit on the wooden throne and scramble over logs amongst the trees.

Explore inside the trees
Croome autumn children in tree
Explore inside the trees

RAF themed playground

Children can let their imagination run wild in the RAF themed playground with a control tower, scramble net, bunker, jeep, slides and swings.

Bird hide

See the birds feasting at the feeders and see if you can spot a cheeky squirrel.

Birdwatching at Croome
People in the bird hide
Birdwatching at Croome

Spotter Sheets

The Visitor Centre is a great place to pick up a free spotter sheet or 50 Things scrapbook with lots of ideas to do on a rainy day.

Fun in the parkland at Croome
Children sitting on fence
Fun in the parkland at Croome

Hidden house

See the giant model in the basement of the house - take it apart and see if you can rebuild it.

Activity room

Have fun colouring in the activity room at the house or try modelling your own landscape.

Rebuild Croome's Hidden House
Visitor putting together the building blocks of the Hidden House model
Rebuild Croome's Hidden House