Badbury Hill trails

Proposals for a new cycle trails scheme will make Badbury safer and more peaceful for walkers. A wider range of cyclists will also be able to enjoy the woods, from families to experienced adventure seekers.

New cycle trails

Two new, permanent cycle trails are being proposed – a gentle family trail and an exciting competition-grade route. The trails will allow cycle access to new parts of the wood, but are designed to have a low impact on the site as a whole.

More peaceful walking

Walkers can continue to walk the routes they love. It will be a quieter and more peaceful experience as cycles will be redirected to different parts of the wood.

Car park facilities extended

We plan to extend and upgrade the car park, dog waste bins will be installed and a small charge for parking will go towards looking after Badbury Hill. (Parking is free to National Trust members.)

Protecting the Iron Age hill fort

Drawing bikes away from the precious Iron Age hill fort will minimise erosion to the ancient site. Our archaeologists are creating a management plan to protect the hill fort.

Restoration of the woodland

The Badbury Hill Trails scheme will enable us to gradually restore the plantation to native British broad-leaved woodland. This will create a richer natural habitat for plants and wildlife than the larch plantation that was planted here for timber.

For more detailed information about Badbury Hill Trails please read our Badbury Hill cycle trails Questions and Answers (PDF / 0.4MB) download


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