Antiques roadshow at Baddesley Clinton

Antiques roadshow at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

The Antiques Roadshow, a firm favourite of staff, volunteers and visitors alike, came to Baddesley Clinton on Wednesday 8 June and welcomed over 3000 people through the doors; a record number!

The BBC spent two glorious summer days at Baddesley filming for the main show in the grounds, which is being used for two programmes and a separate day filming with Fiona Bruce in the house. The weather was kind to us for most of the day with beautiful sunshine and blue skies, with only one downpour right at the end of the day!

The Antiques Roadshow at Baddesley Clinton
The Antiques Roadshow at Baddesley Clinton

We had a fantastic turnout from the public who came and queued patiently for hours clutching their treasures and waiting to be seen by one of the experts like Andy McConnell, Henry Sandon and Robert Tilney. They were invited to raid their attics and bring along their family heirlooms, household treasures and car-boot sale bargains for inspection by the experts. A huge variety of items were carefully bought in from cinema memorabilia to teddy bears and travelling tea sets to buttons. 

View of the Antiques Roadshow
View of the Antiques Roadshow at Baddesley

Due to the Antiques Roadshow we have also recruited a new Conservation and Engagement volunteer who decided to bring in a family heirloom which was consequently filmed for the show.

" I spent quite a bit of time with Elaine on the day of filming and she asked me all about my job here at Baddesley. I explained what day to day work was like for the conservation team and we were delighted when she got back in touch and asked to become a volunteer. She now comes in every Friday and we love working with her!"
- Mary Addyman

The team at Baddesley Clinton, regardless of whether they were in the car park, managing the crowds or making tea for Fiona Bruce had an amazing day. It was such a special experience being part of a programme which has aired for the past 39 years and the BBC made sure everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

One of the experts looking over someone's treasures
One of the experts looking over someone's treasures

You can catch the first episode which was filmed on Sunday 16 October on BBC IPlayer now and the Antiques Roadshow are back at Baddesley on Sunday 23 October and the team can’t wait to see the property looking beautiful in the summer sun.