Conserving and restoring Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley's clock has stopped

Our turret clock in the stable block will soon be running again thanks to your help in buying raffle tickets.

Two of our other clocks have been restored as well.

Two of our clocks have been restored
Two of our clocks have been restored

Our horologist has made a stand for the Lyre Clock which has little metal legs that can be adjusted to ensure that it sits levelly on the chest in the Drawing Room. The stability of the clock is essential to keep it ticking and its rather glamorous ‘external diamante pendulum’ swinging. He has also returned the movement from the William and Mary longcase clock to its case in the Dining Room.

The conservation team making an audit of the dining room
Making sure we've still got everything

The conservation team has been busy making an audit of all the items in the Dining Room, many of which are not usually on display, but still have to be accounted for.

Close inspection of a blunder trap
What have we caught?

Wildlife is always a joy to see out-of-doors, but not so welcome inside the house.  Our Integrated Pest Management System involves collecting all the ‘Blunder Traps’ (you may have spotted these clear boxes in discreet corners around the house) and recording all the pests found which are harmful to the collection. We do this every quarter and this time have found a few moths, some bat droppings and quite a lot of silverfish. Ideal conditions for the silverfish are warm and humid which is why the heating has been on quite a lot recently, to lessen the humidity. Snack of choice for the silverfish: paper.

We're covering our windows with perspex
To block out UV light

Sunlight is one of our enemies, bleaching the colour from fabrics and wallcoverings.  This is why we keep many of the blinds down.  We are covering the windows with a special type of Perspex which, though almost invisible, cuts the harmful UV light by up to 70%.  We will monitor the situation and, if we can, make some of the rooms brighter.

Which window has been covered in perspex?
It's the one on the right!

The right-hand window has been covered in perspex - you will have to look closely to tell!