Explore the gardens at Baddesley

Winter in the walled garden

There’s something for everyone to enjoy here in the gardens at Baddesley Clinton; play in the woodland, walk around the lake or simply find a quiet seat and relax. The formal walled garden, with flower borders and fruit trees, makes a lovely contrast to the nature trail through the woods and around the fish pools.

Over the years the gardens here at Baddesley have evolved into a mix of pleasure and production, with new areas being added all the time.

During the summer months you can see the hanging wisteria in the courtyard or smell the flowery scents in the walled garden. Come autumn, the dahlia border is in full bloom and bountiful apples are harvested from the orchard. See frost-covered trees and ponds and feel crisp grass underfoot in winter time and come spring the garden returns to life with snowdrops, daffodils and buds on the trees.

Soak up the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere
A couple walking at Baddesley Clinton

Originally the medieval residents would have used the garden to provide food, with stew ponds providing fresh fish. Nowadays, our gardeners work hard all year-round to grow vegetables and herbs. Our vegetable patch provides ingredients for some of the dishes in the Barn Restaurant. You will also find hints and tips on growing plants and the varieties we use. We recently welcomed our newest recruits to the vegetable garden; a hive of bees. The bees are looked after and cared for by a volunteer beekeeper. Our aim is to help reverse the declining number of honey bees.

There are lots of bumble bees at Baddesley
Bumble bee on a white flower

Summer is here

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy a picnic on the lawn, relax on the grass and enjoy an ice cream in the summer sun. Take a stroll around the walled garden lined with sweet peas and  wonderfully scented roses, see if you can spot the house martins swooping round the chimneys and come and see the array of colours in the dahlia border. This year the dahlia border has been given a thick mulch of our own garden compost and is only watered when there is a drought. As they start to grow the gardeners stake each individual plant as eventually, by late summer, they could grow as high as 6ft.

For more information on Baddesley's dahlia border please click here.

Wonderful colours in the dahlia border
Dahlia Border Baddesley Clinton

A garden conservation plan is currently underway to help us understand the development of the garden and plan for the future.