Awesome apple days

Barrington Court apple day

The orchards surround the gardens on all sides, and we grow a mix of cider and eating apples with fascinating names such as Slack-Ma-Girdle, Brown Snout, Beauty of Bath, Crimson King, Somerset Redstreak, Tom Putt and Kingsdon Black. We use all the fruit to produce our award-winning cider and apple juice, so it’s not surprising that we like to make a song and dance about it. This year we're celebrating with apple days on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October.

Join in with the fun and tradition

The harvesting of the apples starts at the end of August takes up to twelve weeks to complete - and the children can help us too. There’s a row of little wheelbarrows parked in the goose orchard by the main entrance, so scoot round and gather up the windfalls to put in the crates for the cider-making team to press.

You can watch the whole process as the skilled volunteer team crank the huge apple press into action during the weekend; it’s a mesmerising sight.

Apple days are a long-established tradition in Somerset, and we have a fun and lively weekend planned, with lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve got some unusual apple games and crafts for you to try, interesting walks through the orchards, and there may well be a spot of song and dance too. There will also be experts on hand to help you identify mystery apples, and you can taste some of the old varieties we still grow here at Barrington. Homemade apple treats will be on the menu too, of course - along with our delicious apple juice and cider.

Apple game Barrington Court