Gathering the harvest

Family collecting apples in the orchard

There are over 70 varieties of apples growing in the orchards around the estate at Barrington Court. This includes heritage varieties from ancient orchards as well as trees planted by Ian Lyle in the 1940s.

The traditional orchards here are not only important for the apple trees, but they are also a priority habitat that contains an array of wildlife so maintaining them is an important part of the conservation work that goes on across the estate.

Autumn is when the whole team comes together to celebrate that work on 27 and 28 October.  Our annual Apple Days embrace Barrington Court’s past as a local gathering-place, as well as it’s long tradition of cider making.

You can join the celebrations - help collect the apples and take them to the pressing barn where you can watch the huge apple press being cranked into life.  There will be apple-themed games, activities and orchard walks as well as the opportunity to help identify the different apple varieties.  They all have fantastic names such as Tom Putt, Beauty of Bath and Kingsdon Black.

Once the apples are pressed, the juice is fermented on site to turn it into cider.  After that process is completed, the cider and juice goes on a short 10 mile journey to Perry’s Cider in Dowlish Wake so that it can be pasteurised, bottled and labelled.  It then comes back home to Barrington, where you can enjoy a taste in the restaurant alongside homemade apple treats, or pick up a bottle in the shop to take home with you.

Please be aware that the Apple Day event is free, but normal admission prices apply.