Autumn walking at Bateman's

Visitors walking in the garden in autumn at a National Trust property

Autumn colours abound in the garden and out on the estate. This is a wonderful time of the year to get out and about on a walk with the vibrant colours of the season highlighting the beautiful Sussex landscape around Bateman's.

Autumn in the garden

Take a walk in the garden, starting in the orchard. Here there are apple and pear trees of different varieties, all that would have been available to the Victorian gardener and during Kipling's time here.

Bateman's orchard
Beautiful red Worcester Pearmain apples ready for picking at Bateman's in East Sussex
Bateman's orchard

Follow the path down past the Mulberry tea room and then follow the signs to the mill. At this time of the year the framework of the garden is clearly visible in the pleached limes on the front lawn. Take a look at the intricate structure that has been created by the branches. Over the next two months our garden team will be meticulously pruning these trees by hand.

Passing through the formal garden you'll enter the Wild Garden and, for a brief period, you can see here a fabulous display of autumn colours. The scarlet red of Liquidamber; the oranges, reds and copper of oak, cherry and Amelanchier. A particular highlight at this time of year is the Katsura tree, which smells like the autumnal treat of toffee apples.

Bateman's wild garden
The beautiful autumn colours of a Japanese Maple at Bateman's, East Sussex
Bateman's wild garden

Venture further afield

For those of you who want to explore a little further afield across the Bateman's estate, pick up a leaflet at our visitor reception or download our Kipling walk and discover some of the beautiful Sussex countryside that provided inspiration for some of Kipling's works.

In the autumn the colours of the many trees of the Sussex Weald are a delight to behold. The oaks are so plentiful around this area that Kipling called them, 'Sussex weeds'. At this time of year they blanket the landscape with their glorious autumn hues.

As you follow the walk uphill between points 6 and 9, take time to pause and look back on your route to take in the wonderful colours of the countryside around you.

The hornbeam and hazel coppice between points 9 and 10 on the walk takes you through ancient woodland. Here the trees display the more muted colours of the autumn palette.

As your route draws to a close and you return to the mill pond and the gardens of the house, look out for the autumn crocuses, Colchicum autumnale, on the quarterdeck on the garden side of the house and in pear alley near the greenhouse at the bottom of the orchard.

Bateman's ancient woodland
Autumn hornbeam seeds at Bateman's in East Sussex
Bateman's ancient woodland