Mulberry tea room at Bateman's

The Mulberry tea room at Bateman's in East Sussex

Our Mulberry tea room is a lovely spot to stop by for a bite to eat or a freshly brewed cup of tea and slice of homemade cake. Our food is cooked here and uses produce from the garden when available.

The Mulberry tea room

We're proud of our sunny tea room and stunning surroundings. It's a perfect place to be able to enjoy our homemade dishes with your family and friends. We take a pride in creating fond memories of your visit to Bateman's and believe that these start in the tea room with the delicious aromas and tasty food.

Freshly baked fruit and cheese scones on the counter at Bateman's in East Sussex

If you have something to celebrate, come and visit us and we'll help make your day one to remember. Don't forget we serve more than just cream teas. 

Visit us between 11am-12 noon and you can sample our tasty savoury pastries and delicious cakes. Lunch is served between 12 noon - 2.30pm. Our excellent home-made meals are created from the freshest seasonal British produce, choose from a healthy snack or main meal with a selection of fresh bread to accompany.

For those who prefer an afternoon visit, we do, of course, offer a traditional cream tea but there's always some delicious cakes and hot cups of tea or coffee available until the end of the day.

Bateman's tea room
Freshly baked cakes on the counter in the tea room at Bateman's in East Sussex
Bateman's tea room

Flavour of the month

Our gardening team work hard to produce some great fruit and vegetable for us to use in the tea room and so, again this year, we'll be tying in with what's good in our gardens here at Bateman's. We've always striven to use produce straight from the garden when available and this year will be no exception. However in addition we'll be focussing on a different herb, flower or vegetable each month and this will feature in our catering offer.

Look out for our special cakes, main meals or snacks featuring our 'flavour of the month'. We've been trying out some great recipes and hope that you'll enjoy them.  If you can't wait until you get down to the tea room to find out what tasty treats are in store for you, then ask a member of our visitor reception team on your way in.