Ranger recommendation - July

Gatekeeper butterfly on a scabious flower

The ranger team will be sharing their top tips for exploring the Skyline each month.

At this time of year, the obvious thing to recommend is seeing the wildflowers on the Skyline meadows and pastures.

In Smallcombe Vale (a hay meadow) some of the wildflowers are going to seed, one species which is particularly noticeable is yellow rattle which goes grown and actually rattles with all its seeds when you touch it. Smallcome vale also has a lovely bank which has beautiful lilac Scabious plants which are great for bees.

In Bathwick fields (also a hay meadow) there is lots of knapweed which is a lovely deep pink colour which attracts lots of butterflies, particularly the meadow brown.

In some of our steep sloping sites (Rainbow wood fields, a pasture) we have a brilliant diversity of wildflowers to see including birds foot trefoil, ladies bedstraw and agrimony. It’s interesting to go to each of the different sites around the Bath Skyline to see the variety of flowers and also the insects which are attracted to them.