Ranger recommendation - November

Old trees are great for exploring

The ranger team will be sharing their top tips for exploring the Skyline each month

Rather than recommending a place on the Skyline for the end of the autumn, we’re recommending a very special tree. This tree is a very old beech tree (probably around 200 years old) which has become damaged and partially collapsed.

The main trunk has become hollowed but amazingly the tree has survived. Huge bows have rested on the ground and it has re-rooted itself sending new stems shooting up, a real phoenix tree coming back to life.

The main stem is a brilliant habitat for insects which live in the rotting wood providing a valuable food source for bats and birds such as woodpeckers.  The tree can be found tucked away at the top left corner of Rainbow Wood fields behind a small copse of trees. Enjoy a beautiful Autumn walk hunting for this amazing tree.

To start your search for this amazing beech tree, follow the Bath Skyline walk past point 9 (map here). Walk to the opposite end of the Balcony, and go through the gate next to the pond. Then you'll need to explore the woodland down to the right. Good luck!