Ranger recommendation - October

Wander among the golden beech trees on the Bath Skyline

The ranger team will be sharing their top tips for exploring the Skyline each month

As the days shorten once again and the air gets cooler, the landscape is transformed from luscious summery green hues into a glorious palette of browns, oranges and golds. The beech trees that scatter the Bath Skyline are some of the first to turn and quickly make for canopies of dazzling autumnal colour and crunchy ochre carpets of fallen leaves.

How about taking a walk through Long Wood on Claverton Down where the elves and fairies reside? These beech trees have a special kind of magic in the autumn. The best time to go is early on a clear day when the sun is low and the crisp morning light falls through the tree trunks in long beams across the ground, throwing up the colours in the leaf litter. As you walk, perhaps you can try to catch a leaf as it falls?