Exploring Belton

Belton clock arch in front of a clear sky

Inside and out, rain or shine, there are stories, scenic walks, history, flora and fauna to explore around Belton at this time of year.

Inside the mansion

This year you can discover more about Belton’s owners in the 1930s. Peregrine Cust, 6th Baron Brownlow and his wife Kitty’s stories are being told around the mansion, how they met, fell in love and married, and updated their beloved family home.

Basement tours run daily, with the display rooms open between Wednesday and Sunday. Get ready to explore and imagine yourself walking through the front door during the height of glamour and elite society in 1936.

Out in the parkland

Keep an eye out for the first fawn of the season. They usually appear in the last weeks of June. These young deer have a distinctive bright coloured, spotty coat at birth, which they shed for a brown and grey coat in winter. Enjoy looking at them throughout the historic parkland, but please don’t get too close or try to touch them. There are lots of other animals and plants to look out for too, including common spotted orchids and swallows resting on the mansion roof before making the long journey to north Africa.

Look out for the odd cheeky smile!
Two of Belton's fallow deer, one peeking out from behind a tree
Look out for the odd cheeky smile!

Strolling in the gardens

The Orangery is full of colour in the gardens. Take a look inside and stroll among the exotic plants. The summer bedding in the formal gardens will be planted towards the end of May. Ask the busy gardeners about the planting schemes and pick up some tips for your own garden. Their hard work will be blooming brightly by August, and there's always lots of colour to see throughout the pleasure grounds.

Head into the grounds and towards the boating lakes, carpeted with bluebells and a host of different wildflowers. Pick a comfy spot by the lake and watch the water birds in the sunshine.

Belton's boathouse as seen from the air
Belton's boathouse as seen from the air
Belton's boathouse as seen from the air