Meet Beningbrough's owl artists

Beningbrough Hall Oh Wise Owl art trail and artist

In October Beningbrough Hall launched the ‘oh wise owl’ art trail – an exhibition of skilfully crafted owl sculptures and a sound installation placed in harmony with nature around the gardens. Meet the artists behind these captivating pieces of work.

Beningbrough and the owls of the British Isles

In June a call for artwork was made, inviting artists to submit work that depicts or is otherwise inspired by owls of the British Isles. Since Beningbrough is home to three of the five native owls, the trail is looking to celebrate this mysterious and majestic bird and to encourage audiences to get outdoors and closer to nature this winter.

The response was amazing, with an overwhelming number of applications from both within the UK as well as abroad. From these submissions, ten artists were chosen to have their work as part of the new art trail, and together with the artists, the best place to display the work in the gardens was identified.

Here’s a snapshot of the ten artists whose work we have the pleasure of including in the outdoor trail:

" The National Trust has been part of my life for over 30 years so I was really thrilled when I was chosen to create a sketch in tyres for the ‘oh wise owl’ exhibition at Beningbrough Hall. "
- Lindsey Piper
" “Producing sound work for the 'oh wise owl' exhibition has been a rewarding and engaging project. It certainly presented challenges in exhibiting outside for that duration of time yet in the end I'm very happy with the result and the art trail collectively works really well on the spectacular site of Beningbrough.”"
- Rachel Sedman


Look out for more artwork appearing in the Hayloft from 14 January 2018 as 'oh wise owl' continues with a new indoor exhibition.