'Oh wise owl' art trail at Beningbrough

This winter Beningbrough’s ‘oh wise owl’ art trail showcases a captivating collection of original sculptures and artwork inspired by the magnificent owls of the British Isles.

Legend and myth

Shrouded in mystery and folklore, the statuesque owl is both revered and feared, polarising beliefs. Inspiring fireside stories of shapeshifters and legend, symbolising protection and wisdom for some cultures, whilst an omen of darkness and witchcraft for others. Throughout the generations the owl’s enduring beauty and prowess has captured the imagination of storytellers and artists alike. 

Here in the British Isles there are five native species of owl, three of which have set-up home on the Beningbrough estate. With tawny owls, little owls and barn owls all residents of the land Beningbrough cares for. As the nights draw in we celebrate this nocturnal beauty with an outdoors art trail on open days until 25 February 2018.

Hidden in unexpected places

Explore Beningbrough’s gardens and grounds to discover the series of 15 sculptures with an intriguing sound installation. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy award winning artists’ work displayed simply, in harmony with nature. 

With traditional bronze cast sculptures through to wood carvings, creations in felt and sculptures crafted from recycled materials of plane parts and tyres. The variety of materials used along with the artists’ different interpretations of this curious night time dweller is testament to the enduring mystery that follows this majestic creature.


Meet the 'oh wise owl' artists

Hear from some of the owl trail artists and the inspiration behind their work now on display in unexpected places around Beningbrough's gardens.

Outdoor exhibition 

Indoor art exhibition 

There will also be a complementary exhibition in the Hayloft*, with photographic, pen and ink work as well as paintings, replica skulls and a puppet - certainly worth a visit during those winter weekends. The exhibition includes 20 artworks by 12 artists, all varied in their styles and mediums.

Head upstairs to see more art on the walls
Room with wooden beams and art on the walls
Head upstairs to see more art on the walls

* Please note the Hayloft is accessed by stairs only.