The Sounds of Winter at Beningbrough

The ha-ha walk covered in winter snow at Beningbrough

Transport yourself on a full sensory wander in the Beningbrough gardens this winter, taking in sound installations in the outdoor buildings and garden.

Visitors last winter will have heard the sound installation from Yorkshire artist Rachel Sedman as part of the Oh Wise Owl exhibition. For this winter, Rachel has created six soundscapes inspired by Beningbrough to fire your imagination.

Sounds of Winter: Whispering Spaces

Until Sunday 3 March 2019 

Weekends 11am - 3.30pm

Also open Tuesday 25 February - Friday 1 March for the local half term school holiday.

In the quiet of a winter garden, whispering sounds and voices echo past histories and nature’s secret activity. From the turmoil of the Second World War to the reimagined Victorian Laundry, cracking ice, summer breeze and owl calls - wrap up warm and resdiscover some of the lesser known gardens and buildings on this first ever sound trail. 

In the Potting Shed

Listen out for environmental sounds of autumn and winter, from leaves underfoot on a dry day to ice cracking, walking on snow, wind howling, rain and wildlife you might hear in the winter months. How many can you recognise and what would you add to the list? Alongside those you recognise there will be abstract sounds less familiar to the naked ear such as life underwater interwoven with winter poetry and verses.

Listen out for sounds of gardening tools, tasks and narratives from today and times gone by to bring a gardener's world in winter to life.

The Victorian laundry is an evocative place of discovery and memories for some
Linen hanging over old laundry equipment
The Victorian laundry is an evocative place of discovery and memories for some

The Victorian Laundry

For the first time in winter both the wet and dry side of the laundry will be open, although some of the linen pieces will be stored away in the coldest months. 

The laundry itself will be the inspiration for this soundscape and the noises of the objects used to wash and dry clothes with the elements needed like water and fire. Interdispersed will be narrative from people who used and worked in the laundry and their experiences of a winter at Beningbrough plus some of their day to day sounds of clogs on stone floors, steam and washboards.

The glasshouse in the Walled Garden

Where better to be inspired by stories from the garden than the very place that's welcome shelter on a winter's day? Pause for a time to reflect on the ever evolving natural world. What would a plant's point of view be? Poetry and verse attempts to evoke this little understood world - what do you think a plant or tree might have to say?

The American Garden

Step into the outdoor surround-sound zone to be transported to a time when Beningbrough was home to British and Canadian Aircrews from nearby Linton-on-Ouse.

Expect natural outdoor sounds, a background soundscape of planes and wording inspired by letters from the crews to and from home. 

Into the Bothy

Stepping inside this little space with a lot of history, where the theme is contrast and changes through the seasons. The piece here will explore the change and relationship of  the garden and all that's within it through winter, spring, summer and autumn; highlighting the contrasts and similarities of the seasons. Imagery from the Beningbrough garden will accompany this soundscape.

The Loggia in the East Formal

Returning from last winter is the popular piece evoking the sound of tawny owls and an atmosphere of contemplation in the night time. The Leeds Cantabile Choir sing Thomas Vautor's Sweet Suffolk Owl and provide inspiration for the piece.

Find out more about Rachel and her multi-discipline work on her website: A Book of Songs.

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