Enjoy a perfect picnic at Berrington

Berrington’s gardens are the perfect picnicking spot. With acres of ‘Capability’ Brown parkland, pleasure grounds and a unique walled garden, there are plenty of places for you to enjoy a summer afternoon’s picnic.

Berrington Hall is home to over 455 acres of parkland designed by ‘Capability’ Brown. This means that there are plenty of walks to explore and you can find your own corner of the Herefordshire countryside to enjoy your lunch your own way.

Berrington also has a walled garden which holds the new installation created by international artists Heather and Ivan Morison, ‘Look! Look! Look!’. This new Georgian inspired pavilion is the ideal spot to relax in for an afternoon. With canvas walls which open out into the garden, it is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the walled garden.

Make your own adventure
A young boy in a field playing with a bubble wand

As well as this we have plenty of picnic benches around the mansion which look out onto the Herefordshire countryside.

You can even find quiet spots by our Natural Play Area. You can sit at these and enjoy both the mansion and Capability's designs as your little ones explore the play area for themselves.

Find your own secret spot to enjoy
A young family enjoying a picnic in the garden

Berrington is surrounded by parkland and countryside. This means that there are plenty of places for you to sit and enjoy it in your own way and at your own pace. Why not come and find them for yourself this summer?

Enjoy a cup of tea if it proves to be an English summer
A pair of flasks with hot fluid in them steaming