Gardening with silk - The Embroiderers' Guild at Berrington in 2016

Autumn Sunlight by Alison Holt

2016 marked the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. As festival partners, the Embroiderers' Guild created a series of exhibitions inspired by the landscapes and gardens of 'Capability' Brown.

Berrington was Brown’s final landscape project. Here he created a parkland and estate with vistas and views within the larger landscape. Like an embroiderer creating texture and form he manipulated nature and as one contemporary commentator remarked ‘so closely did (Brown) copy nature that his works will be mistaken for nature.’

Just as the act of mark making with needle and stitch can render a beautiful view on a blank canvas so did 'Capability' Brown when he created the quintessential English landscape, garden and 18th-century country estate. Ann Corrado from Stourbridge writes:

‘The marks on the surface were chosen to mirror those apparent on Capability Brown’s working maps. I have also incorporated leaves from my own landscape, my garden, to remind me of his extensive use of trees in his designs’.

This exhibition was aimed at demonstrating how the landscape that Brown created still has the power to inspire contemporary makers and stitchers today.

A sample of work by the Embroiderers Guild
A very detailed tea set embroidery
A sample of work by the Embroiderers Guild