Switching to green energy at Berrington

 Woodchips in a hopper prior to going into the biomass woodfuel boiler

Here at Berrington Hall we are aiming to reduce our carbon footprint to achieve net zero by 2030. One way in which we will achieve this is by installing biomass heating system to Berrington Hall and outbuildings, which will potentially reduce carbon emissions by 85 tonnes per year.

The first stage of this project will take place from April 2022 and will involve the installation of a building to house the boiler, along with the gardeners’ workshop, bin compound and farm storage.

Once complete, the boiler will be connected to the wet system in the mansion. From the end of 2022, electrical radiators will be replaced with new radiators connected to the biomass system. This is a very large project and will take several years to deliver.

Although there will be a short-term disruption to some areas of the garden, the benefits of the biomass heating system will be enjoyed for many years to come. The benefits include:

  • Once complete Berrington’s Biomass should generate 386,851kWh of low-carbon heat.
  • We will positively reduce carbon emissions by 85 tonnes per year (the same as would be absorbed by 42,500 trees).
  • We will be able to generate over £11,000 of income per year from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will help us extend and install the supporting wet system over a yearly programme.
  • All of the wood fuel we use will be from our woodland management work at our places in Herefordshire, which will also help us replant with mixed native broadleaf species to improve habitat and biodiversity long term.

We hope this will safeguard Berrington Hall as a special place for everyone, for ever.

Latest updates

25 Apr 22

Biomass project begins

We have started building the new service facility along the back 'deliveries' drive which will house a number of operational components that have to be relocated or created due to the urgent conservation works on the curved walled garden and changes to our heating systems. This facility will also improve our waste management by relocating our bin store and enable the restoration of the pleasure grounds around the laurel walk.