Jo Lathwood at Biddulph Grange

Large mineral crystal sculptures inhabit the garden at Biddulph Grange

As part of the National Trust's New Art, internationally acclaimed artist, Jo Lathwood, has been in residence this summer exploring James Bateman's geological thinking using the rock strata in the Geological Gallery as a starting point. She began by performing a live lava pour, melting igneous rocks at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees.


Take a step back in geological time

See the mobile foundry and live lava pour with artist Jo Lathwood and storyteller Nick Hunt

The sculpture is made up of two 4-metre structures, each based on feldspar, a crystal that is found in many rocks in the Geological Gallery. You can enter the structures and, through a window, see the world via polarised filters which cause the light to defract creating a similar effect to viewing rock samples under a microscope.

Crystal structures seen through polarisation filters
Crystal structures seen through polarisation filters

The exhibition will be held from 25 September 2017 until 12 April 2018. No booking is necessary.

For more information about Jo Lathwood, visit her website

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