Group visits to Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

South Downs, Managing our downland landscape South Downs Managing our downland landscape
Views over the sea towards the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters

Due to coronavirus and social distancing restrictions we are not currently accepting coaches at Birling Gap. The nearest coach parking is located at Beachy Head and is operated by Eastbourne Borough Council.

  • Due to social distancing restrictions there is no coach parking or drop off facility at Birling Gap. The nearest coach parking is at Beachy Head (2 miles) and is operated by Eastbourne Borough Council. 
  • Please do not park or drop groups off on the roadside. This is dangerous and also causes a nusiance to our neighbours

Pre-booked school visits

We are not currently accepting school bookings due to coronavirus restrictions.

Group conduct

For information on group conduct please download our groups guide. National Trust staff may refuse entry to groups or ask groups to leave the site if behaviour is inappropriate, impacts on other visitors or is a safety risk to group members or others. Group leaders are expected to maintain control of groups at all times and be visible to National Trust staff.

Birling Gap group and coach leaflet 2019